When you just want it to work, bring in the Martians! 

Technology is not a game or a toy. It’s a big decision, an investment in your company. And the success of your business depends on it. Martian Systems is a full-service IT firm, serving as trusted advisers to NW small businesses since 2004. Consider us your navigator through the galaxy of IT.

We’re a different kind of IT company. At Martian Systems, we consider our clients our partners and never talk down to them. We serve up high-value IT services to growing NW businesses with a side of reliable, friendly customer service. We help you do more with less.
Because it’s not about us. We’re in this together for your success.

Our Services

We support for everything from network outages to nasty viruses and operating system upgrades to long-term technology planning. As a full service IT firm, we can assist with any technology issue and make all of your equipment work for you in harmony.

When you hire Martian Systems to manage your IT, we’ll:

  • Wrangle and manage all of your IT vendors (printers, copiers, phone systems, etc.)

  • Identify and fix existing network vulnerabilities -or- design and build a new network

  • Ensure smooth integration of all facets of your network

  • Protect your network from viruses, hackers and malware

  • Secure your customer and employee data

  • Provide you with maximum system uptime and more time to focus on your business.

Like you, we’re a small business with an entrepreneurial work ethic, focused on customer service first and technology second. We understand that it’s imperative to do more with less and to squeeze optimum value out of your technology investments. That’s why we recommend solutions that we use ourselves and know inside and out.

How it Works

We deliver our services in the following ways:

Network maintenance

Network monitoring

Emergency network fixes

Monthly subscription - good/ better/ best subscription options?

  • business continuity, growth, disaster recovery

À la carte - services requested/ delivered as needed

Custom quote - contact us »

Who We Serve

We work with business owners who have 10-50 employees at one primary location, where the company is fully owned (not a subsidiary) and the founder leads the organization. These business owners strongly rely on their phones, email, internet and network to conduct their daily operations. They depend on their technology to make their revenue goals, so can’t afford for it to go down.

Types of businesses we often work with include builders and general contractors, property management companies, architecture firms, golf courses, and more. Read the reviews from our clients »

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