Big Things Start Small...


Martian Systems simplifies Technology for your Growing Small Business!

There's a universe of technology that supports your business. Computers, networks, servers, bandwidth, phones, eMail, fax, printers, line of business applications and operating systems. These technology galaxies occasionally flare up and demand your attention, taking you away from what you do best. Are you tired of fixing it yourself and not big enough yet to have your own in-house IT Staff? Then make contact and let us do what we do best, bringing peace and harmony to your systems. 

One call, order is restored. (425) 605-8677

Think of us as your in-house IT Staff without those pesky payroll taxes or benefits to pay! 

IP Address? VPN? SSL Certs? Cloud? Windows Server? Firewall access policy?

No problem! We speak the language.

Virus alert. Email down. Phones won’t sync. Computer crashed. 

When you just want it to work, bring in the Martians!