Martian Systems® is a a vendor agnostic IT consulting firm, serving businesses across the Eastside and Seattle with a focus on value, respect and exceptional customer service. We’re a different kind of IT company. We consider our clients our partners and never talk down to them or make them feel stupid. We have a track record of success over the past 15 years and bring expertise, integrity, honesty, friendliness, and fun into the realm of IT as we empower our clients to scale and grow.

Martian Systems was founded in 2004 by husband and wife team, John and Shannon Hendricks. Both natives of Seattle and self-proclaimed nerds, John and Shannon are former employees of Microsoft as well as of several top dot com companies. They love technology and have a passion for simplifying it for small business owners. As trusted business advisors in the Pacific Northwest, their goal is to provide peace of mind to clients through high-value IT services and exceptional customer service.

Meet the Martian Team


John Hendricks

President/Founding Technologist

John’s passion is helping clients turn technology solutions into business assets. Prior to starting Martian Systems, John was a corporate systems manager for several high-tech ventures, including Avenue A (now aQuantive, a public company), where he was one of the original employees. His experience with early-stage startups revealed a surprising lack of technology advocacy for smaller businesses. Identifying an unmet market need, John set out to create a dedicated IT support network for small companies. This insight evolved into what is now Martian Systems.

John is well-versed in the daily realities of running a small business—shoestring budgets, overworked staff, disparate systems—and advocates using technology to overcome these challenges and propel growth. At the age of 19, he began his entrepreneurial career as a technology consultant for a Bellevue property management firm. They remain a client to this day. John is also Microsoft Certified and entrenched in the Seattle small business community. He is a rare breed—a tech mind that can simplify complex technology into understandable language for the everyday entrepreneur.


Shannon Hendricks

Co-Founder/Business Operations Manager

Shannon is the Swiss army knife of Martian Systems, handling everything from client and project management to vendor wrangling, admin, taxes and more. Before co-founding Martian Systems, Shannon spent 14 years in corporate America working for Interpoint, Microsoft and Microvision. With a sunny disposition and a laugh always in hand, she supervised teams of people, planned and managed budgets and oversaw projects ranging from product launches, website development, event planning and day-to-day management of marketing communications.

Skilled at utilizing her logistical and motivational experience, Shannon enjoys helping clients use technology to run their businesses more smoothly. She excels at surmounting obstacles and brings a vivacious attitude to her work with Martian Systems. She graduated on the Dean's list with a B.S. in eBusiness while beating family and health challenges that would have stopped a less determined individual. Shannon is also a Microsoft Alumni Member, an active volunteer for numerous organizations, and a calendar girl for cystic fibrosis. 

The Martian Logo


The robot in the Martian Systems logo represents advanced IT that’s out of this world. Superior intelligence, a vast knowledge base and exceptional problem-solving capabilities. 

Consider us “Your navigator through the galaxy of IT.” Make contact today to learn how we can help your small business grow and thrive.

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Martian Systems is “Your navigator through the galaxy of IT.”

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